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Things to Know About Legal Checkpoints

At certain locations along the road, there are law enforcement authorities that check the drivers to make sure they are not driving under influence. There are a few things to know about legal checkpoints so that no one violates your rights. First, if you are arrested, you can be released if you contact a licensed bail bondsman. You also will avoid breaking the traffic rules, which is an offense and can send you to jail. The following are some of the things you should know about sobriety checkpoints.

Guidelines for police on checkpoint

Some police officers may harass you if you do not know how checkpoint rules work. They should identify themselves to you first before they check you. Always ensure that you pull over at a safe place to avoid accidents. A police officer should not unnecessarily delay motorists. They should also use a neutral criterion to pull over cars.

 Avoiding checkpoint

While driving under the influence, some drivers will try and avoid the checkpoints. If you must avoid the checkpoint, it should be within the traffic rules. Normally, police officers do not pursue drivers who try to avoid checkpoints. You will find legal checkpoints in areas with high traffic. The police also know areas where there are frequent DUI arrests and will locate the checkpoint near there.

 What can happen in case of an arrest?

If you are under arrest at the checkpoint, first the officer must have evidence that you were driving under the influence. Law enforcement officers may request you to take sobriety tests to get the evidence. In case you feel like they are violating your rights, you may request to speak to an attorney. At a legal checkpoint, they should allow you to speak to an attorney and possibly get a bail bond. Failure to do so, you might spend time in jail awaiting case hearing. Remember to avoid making careless statements to the law officers. Such statements may be used to incriminate you.

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