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Oak Creek


Routt County Jail Info

RouttCounty D
2025 Shield Drive, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Visiting Hours: Please call the Routt County jail for information.

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With a population of around 23,509 as per records of the 2010 census, Routt County is populous, and their county seat, Steamboat is even more populous with at least 12,088 of the total population living in this town.


Routt County was part of the Grand County and was created in 1877. The county is named after John Long Routt, who was the county’s first and seventh governor; between 1883 and 1885, he was the mayor of Denver. In 1911, part of western Routt County was split and renamed Moffat County.

Geographical features

Major cities and town in Routt County include:

  • Steamboat springs
  • Hayden
  • Oak Creek
  • Yampa                                           
  • Milner

Phippsburg is but it is only designated for the census.

There are a few unincorporated communities as well. They include:

  • Milner 
  • Clark
  • Toponas
  • Hahns peak villa


With a population density of 8 people per 3/km², it is densely populated. From the census report of 2000, the Routt county population stood at 19,690 people. Housing unit statistics show that there are at least 11,217 households, which translates to a density of around 5 households per square mile. The racial makeup was as follows:

  • White-96.90%
  • African American-0.13%
  • Pacific islander-0.09%
  • Native American-0.49%
  • Asian-0.39%
  • Hispanic Latino-3.22%
  • Other races-0.73%

 Of this population around 31.10%of the households have children below 18 years, and 50.60 % are couples living together. Female-only households are around 5.8%. The number of households aged persons who are over 65 years and living alone was 3.7 % of the total population. Population spread statistics are as follows; children below 18 years 10.10%, Youth 22.60%, those above 25 years and up to 44 years were36.50%. Those aged between 45-64 years were 25.70%, with only 5% of the population being over 65 years.

The per capita income on average is $28,792, with males earning more than females. A small percentage of around 6.10% of the population lives below the poverty line but are mainly those above 65 years and children.