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Bail Bond Agents in Routt County, Colorado

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There is no bail bonds company more trusted in Routt County, Colorado than ASAP Bail Bonds.

We employ the most practiced bail bondsmen who break the mold of the industry. Our transparent service is rooted in honesty, efficiency and world-class customer care. ASAP Bail Bond Routt County bail bondsmen have continually raised the bar for investment in clients and the experience customers receive. They are local to the area and stationed around the Routt County jail. We operate 24/7 including holidays. ASAP Bail Bond Routt County agents provide the lowest rates in Colorado as well.  ASAP Bail Bonds Routt County is the best choice for posting bail at the Routt County jail so give us a call today!

Get Help From ASAP Bail Bonds

ASAP Bail Bonds is the front-runner of the industry. We understand all situations needing a bail bondsman are different and all come with stress. We aspire to provide a service that both alleviates stress and makes you feel like you are our only customer. Our bail agents communicate with you at every step. They are required to clarify all requirements and timelines and always act with transparency. Our service helps our community members and as such we hope to reach the largest audience possible to help as many as possible. To do this we post bail bonds of all sizes and also work with all charges.

ASAP Bail Bonds trains our local agents specifically to operate with the Routt County court system. They have a widespread network of officials and employees. They know exactly what procedures are needed for the fastest release possible. They are trained to leverage this information during the bail bonds process while also keeping you updated. We know bail bonds come in all types and sizes, so we also give our agents the skills to problem solve to post all bail bonds. No matter the size and no matter your circumstance, we can work with you. We offer a variety of plans including payment schedules and collateral collection.

What Happens During the Bail Process?

The court process may be complicated, but the bail bonds process is much easier to understand. After your loved one has been arrested

  1. You call our office to talk about bail.
  2. We look up the bail amount and charges for your loved one.
  3. We calculate the bond premium and talk about what you’ll be charged.
  4. You and any co-applicants fill out a bond application and sign a standard contract. The co-signers serve as the indemnitor for the bail bond, which means they guarantee that your loved one will comply with the court.
  5. You pay your bond agent the bail premium.
  6. The bond agent will post bail for your loved one at the jail.

After your loved one has been released from jail, that individual will come see us as well.

What’s the Process to Release a Bond

Releasing a bail bond means getting money back from the court and ending your obligation as an indemnitor. That happens once your loved one has made all required court appearances or the charges have been dismissed. At this time, we’ll return your collateral. However, we retain your bond premium as the fee for our service.

Routt County Jail Info


RouttCounty D
2025 Shield Drive, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Visiting Hours: Please call the Routt County jail for information.

Why We Are the Bail Bondsman Routt County Trusts

The characteristics taht ASAP Bail Bonds Routt County prides itself on is reliability and transparency.

Our agents have close relationships to the surrounding community and they care about their people. ASAP Bail Bondsmen focus on integrity and operate 24/7 so you are always informed and up to date. Our aspiration as a bail bonds agency is to help people rather than make money, as opposed to how most other bail bond agencies operate. This, combined with our unmatched training, directly results in our top-rated bail bonds service for customers. Call us today to see how we can help you get your loved one released from jail.