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Two People Posting Bail for a Defendant

After an arrest, your friends, relatives, or even co-workers will look for ways to get you out of jail within a short time. In some cases, two or more people may post bail for the defendant. Your friends and family might end up paying commissions twice to two different bail bond companies. So, what happens when two people post bail for the same defendant?

Here are some facts you need to know about posting bail for a defendant twice:

  1. The court only accepts one bail per defendant.
  2. When two bail bond companies post bail, one may be claimed
  3. Bail bond companies help to secure bail for a defendant fast.

The first bail bond company to post bail secures the bail

In case two bails are posted by two different parties for the same defendant, the court accepts the first bail, and that company will earn the fees from the client. The second bail bond company to post bail will have to claim it.

two people posting bail

Refund for the second bail can be claimed

Whenever a bail bond company posts bail, they earn fees from the client. If you have posted a bail twice, do not worry about getting charged twice for the fees. You should follow the due process to file for the refund from the other bail bond company.

Why people secure bail through a bail bond company

When a loved one is in jail, you will do anything to secure their release immediately. In most cases, you may not be able to immediately raise the amount set by the judge. That is why most people turn to bail bond companies. Due to the urgency, they may contact two or more bail bond companies because of the urgency of the matter.

But before posting bail, consultation is important to avoid posting it twice.

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