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ASAP Bail Bonds has been serving Denver County for years and built a reputation as the best in the business.

We have the knowledge, experience, and professional network that other agencies cannot match. ASAP Bail Bonds has a local agent for you that is stationed in Denver and is waiting to answer your call 24/7. Day or night we will answer and start processing your bail bond on the first call. Being located so close to the Denver County jail and having the experience we do means you get the fastest release possible at the cheapest price. We beat every single one of our competitors rates regardless of bond size. Give us a call today to speak with your personal bail agent.

Get Help From ASAP Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, be sure to give ASAP Bail Bonds a call. We will not let anyone stay in jail a minute longer than they have to. Our local bail bondsman not only work with urgency and efficiency, but they also take the stress and confusion out of the process. Being family-owned and -operated, we focus on giving you the attention a family member would deserve. Your personal bail agent will answer your every call, your every question, and walk you through each phase of the process. They can post any bail bond, large or small. Your bondsman can also work with those in custody for all charges so do not hesitate to call us today.

We are experienced enough to know that to the untrained eye the bail bond and release process can seem intimidating. When you couple it with the inherent stress and worrying that comes with yourself or someone you know being detained then the experience can be terrible. ASAP Bail Bonds offers a service that eliminates this stress. We make sure that you receive personal attention and are understood at each step. ASAP Bail Bonds offers payment plans to finance your bond if needed as well. Our agents are the best and their sole mission is to reunite you with your loved one.  

What Happens During the Bail Process?

The court process may be complicated, but the bail bonds process is much easier to understand. After your loved one has been arrested

  1. You call our office to talk about bail.
  2. We look up the bail amount and charges for your loved one.
  3. We calculate the bond premium and talk about what you’ll be charged.
  4. You and any co-applicants fill out a bond application and sign a standard contract. The co-signers serve as the indemnitor for the bail bond, which means they guarantee that your loved one will comply with the court.
  5. You pay your bond agent the bail premium.
  6. The bond agent will post bail for your loved one at the jail.

After your loved one has been released from jail, that individual will come see us as well.

What’s the Process to Release a Bond

Releasing a bail bond means getting money back from the court and ending your obligation as an indemnitor. That happens once your loved one has made all required court appearances or the charges have been dismissed. At this time, we’ll return your collateral. However, we retain your bond premium as the fee for our service.

Cities within County that we provide service in

Denver County Jail Info

Denver County Detention Center
(720) 913-3600
10500 E. Smith Road, Denver, CO 80239
Visiting Hours: Call 720-913-3791 for reservations.

Why We Are the Bail Bondsman Denver County Trusts

ASAP Bail Bonds has been the most trusted bail bond company in Colorado for years.

We operate 24/7 and so communication is direct and immediate. This gives us a transparency that other bail bond companies cannot match. Our bail agents are local and connected to their communities. It is our mission to serve the good people of Denver County with service in tough situations. Our services are personalized for you and offer financial freedom, stress reduction and the lowest rates in the state. Give us a call today to get your bail bond process started.


This is the most populated municipality in the State of Colorado.

It is also the seat of Denver County, which we shall learn more about here. Denver can also be termed as a consolidated municipality and the city-county of Colorado. It was named after James W Denver who was a governor of the territory of Kansas. This city and county are also referred by its nickname-The Mile High City due to the fact that it is 1-mile elevation or 1603.3M or 5280 feet above sea level.

With an estimated population of 716, 492 people as of 2018, this city is ranked as the 19th most populated in the United States. This was an increase of 19.38%, making Denver one of the fastest-growing cities of the United States.

Here are some of the other things you need to know about Denver:


Denver has the northern areas as well as the southern and the west as being hilly and the city center consists of plains. The total area of the county, according to the US Census Bureau, is 155 square miles. 1.6 square miles of this is water, whereas the remainder, 153 square miles, is landmass. 

Bordering counties:

Denver is surrounded by Adams County to the east and north, Jefferson County-to the west and Arapahoe to the east and the south. 


 Based on the Census of 2010 the county and city of Denver had a population of 600,158 inhabitants, making it one of the most populous cities in the United States. The county had 285, 797 households, with a density of 3,698 people for every square mile. 

Racial composition

  • White: 68.9% 
  • Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 31.8%; 
  • Mexican Americans made up 24.9% 
  • Black or African American: 10.2%
  • Asian: 3.4% 
  • (0.8% Vietnamese, 
  • 0.6% Chinese, 
  • 0.5% Indian, 
  • 0.3% Korean, 
  • 0.3% Japanese, 
  • 0.3% Filipino, 
  • 0.2% Burmese, 
  • 0.1% Cambodian
  • Native American: 1.4%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%
  • Some other race: 9.2%
  • Two or more races: 4.1%