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The Different Types Of Jail Release Options

DUI offenders can be released from jail pending their trial. For example, the law allows for the accused to post a bail bond for them to be released as they await trial.  Besides, depending on the jail release system they can also be released after the trial or after conviction. There are different release systems from state to state. The following are the five different jail release systems:

  • Full release
  • Own recognizance
  • Statutory release
  • Temporary release
  • Conditional release

Here are the 5 different release options:

Full release

If you are convicted of a DUI offense and you are sentenced to a jail term, you will be released after serving your sentence. However, you may also opt to stay in jail even after getting a conditional or statutory release. A full release could be your only option if you are serving a jail term because of a serious crime you committed.  

jail release options

Own recognizance

A judge may use their discretion and decide to release you based on such factors as your age, type of offense, or the threat you pose to the general public.

Statutory release

The law allows for offenders who have served at least two-thirds of their jail term to be released conditionally. The court may put a condition for their release such as serving the rest of their jail term while under supervision from the relevant authorities.

Temporary release absence

Under this system, an offender can get escorted, unescorted or work release depending on the severity of the crime they are accused of committing. You may qualify for this kind of release based on compassion, responsibilities or rehabilitation. For example, if the authorities believe you are properly rehabilitated or you are now a responsible citizen, they may decide to release you using this system.

Conditional release

This system allows the authorities to release you to your family during the day and take you back to jail during the night. The system also allows for full parole. However, during the entire time of your release, you will be under constant monitoring. You may be asked to post an appeal bond pending your trial.

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