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Thug Life: Jail Experience by Gender

The number of women in jails continues to rise compared to men. The main reason is due to low-level offenses crackdown, and failure to meet probation requirements. More women than men may also not have the financial capability to post bail or get the services of a licensed bail bondsman to secure their freedom. While in prison both men and women go through different experiences. Jail experience is worse for women because of the following reasons.

Gender bias in assessment

After an assessment, prisoners may be allowed to join educational and vocational training. Rehabilitative programs are also available for prisoners who qualify. But the tools for assessment may be biased since they also apply in men prisoners. Many women may not be eligible for such training even though their rate of committing another offense is lower than that of men.

woman in jail

Social, mental, and physical support

Men do not need much social and mental support. They also do not show weakness and this works against them since they are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses. But women also have their share of problems in jail. Women experience more sexual abuse than men. Some jails fail to meet their hygiene needs and this causes more stress.

Local reforms                       

Some states have programs to help women who are considered as high risk because of their probability to commit another crime. Through such programs, probation officers are also trained in handling women on probation. Such an approach can reduce recidivism rates. Other states have passed rules that low offenses should be fined hence reducing the jail population. Women compared to men face challenges securing a bail bond. Even raising the premium for a bail bondsman is a big challenge for some women. Policies to abolish bail or come up with other forms of punishment for offenders can help reduce incarceration rates.

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