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ASAP Bail Bonds Weld County is the best and only choice to make when you need to post bail at the Weld County Jail.

Our agents continually break the mold in the industry and set higher standards for customer care. We assign each customer a personal bail agent who operates 24/7 including holidays. ASAP Bail Bonds can give you the lowest rate on your bail bond alongside a transparent process. We promise to answer any and all questions so call us day or night. Our ASAP Bail Bonds agents look forward to making connections with our customers and can get your friend or family member released sooner than any other company. Give us a call today to get the process started.

Get Help From ASAP Bail Bonds

Weld County is known for its conservative stance when it comes to assigning bail bonds. If you find yourself in need of a bail bondsman to discharge your loved one, call ASAP Bail Bonds Weld County. We are stationed directly across from the Weld County Courthouse and minutes away from the Weld County jail. Combined with our expert knowledge and years of experience, this means we can make the release process fast and simple. Our bail agents guide you through each and every step and can post all bail bonds. ASAP Bail Bonds prides itself on problem solving for customers and as a result we can work with any and all charges no matter the size.

The bail bond process might seem confusing and intimidating, but with ASAP Bail Bonds Weld County it is anything but. We offer premium service including day and night access to a personal bail bondsman. They know every detail of your case and can clarify all requirements and timelines. This means you never waste time, attention or money when you work with us. As Weld County’s largest bail bond producer, we also can offer the lowest rates in the state. This is combined with our ability to setup payment plans and collateral collection as well. This payment flexibility is something we specialize in and a service no other company can match.

What Happens During the Bail Process?

The court process may be complicated, but the bail bonds process is much easier to understand. After your loved one has been arrested

  1. You call our office to talk about bail.
  2. We look up the bail amount and charges for your loved one.
  3. We calculate the bond premium and talk about what you’ll be charged.
  4. You and any co-applicants fill out a bond application and sign a standard contract. The co-signers serve as the indemnitor for the bail bond, which means they guarantee that your loved one will comply with the court.
  5. You pay your bond agent the bail premium.
  6. The bond agent will post bail for your loved one at the jail.

After your loved one has been released from jail, that individual will come see us as well.

What’s the Process to Release a Bond

Releasing a bail bond means getting money back from the court and ending your obligation as an indemnitor. That happens once your loved one has made all required court appearances or the charges have been dismissed. At this time, we’ll return your collateral. However, we retain your bond premium as the fee for our service.

Cities within Weld County that we provide service in.

Weld County Jail Info

Weld County Detention Center
(970) 356-4015
2110 O Street, Greeley, CO 80631
Visiting Hours: Please call the Weld County jail for information.

Why We Are the Bail Bondsman Weld County Trusts

Unlike most other bail bond agencies, our investment is in reuniting you with your loved one rather than just receiving a payment.

 ASAP Bail Bonds is engaged in the community and we care about the people you care about. We strive to provide 100% transparency to our customers alongside bail services that are friendly, reliable and protected. We embody this in our 24/7 operation, personal bail agent assignment and our dedication to offering low rates and financing options. ASAP Bail Bonds Weld County is the only choice to make when you need to post bail. Call us today to get your bail bond started!


Weld County is the third-largest county in the state of Colorado and has its county seat in Greeley.

It is located in North-eastern Colorado and has a population of over 250,000.00. Weld county is named after the first Colorado territory secretary, Louis Ledyard Weld. Neighboring states to the north are Nebraska and Wyoming. Weld County borders Morgan and Logan counties to the East and Broomfield and Adams to the south. Other neighboring counties to the west are Larimer and Boulder.


Weld county occupies a total area of 4017sqm with 0.7 % of the total area being covered by water mass. It lies on the flat land of Colorado covering the Pawnee National Grassland, Pawne butts, and is also surrounded by outcroppings and canyons. Some of the points of interest in Weld County include;

  • Pawnee National Grassland
  • Fort Vasquez history museum
  • St Vrain state park
  • South Platte trail
  • Poudre river national recreation trail.

There are many cities and towns in the county. Some of the main cities are Greeley, Thornton, Evans, and Longmont. Major towns include Windsor, Johnstown, and Firestone, among others with Aristocrats Ranchettes being the designated census place. There are many ghost towns, unincorporated communities, and a good road network with two major interstate highways as well.


With a population density of 45 /Sqm and around 6600 housing units, as per records of 2000 United States census, the county has to come up with more housing projects to cater for the growing population. Most of the population is between the ages of 25-44 with very few people, around 9% being over the age of 65.

Racial makeup

  • Whites- 81.71%
  • Hispanic- 27.05%
  • Native American- 0.87%
  • African American- 0.56%
  • Asian- 0.83%
  • Pacific islander- 13.29%


The main economic activity in Weld County is agriculture, specializing in milk production, sugar beets, and grains. At Julesburg basin, oil and gas are also produced in plenty.