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The Effects of Legalized Marijuana on Crime and Incarceration Rates

Different states have laws governing the use of Marijuana. Some states have legalized the use of marijuana for both recreation and medical purposes. The federal government has not legalized the use of Marijuana. Therefore, those that are found to be using this substance can be arrested and incarcerated. For them to be released, they have to consult a surety bond insurance company for their bail bonds.

 Does legalization of Marijuana increase crimes?

Those against the laws argue that legalization could lead to an increase in crime. Colorado is one of the states that feel that since legalization, the crime rate is on the increase. For states that have legalized medical marijuana only, statistics show that there is no increase in crime. In Denver, Seattle, and DC, crime rates have been on the increase. In these states, recreational marijuana is legal.

Knock-off effect of marijuana legalization

Reviews show that in states bordering Mexico legalization of marijuana has led to a reduction of marijuana-related crimes. Cartels no longer have power in marijuana deals. Though cartels deal with other drugs, Marijuana has a bigger market in the US. Since legalization, there’s less violence between cartels and customers. Cases of bad deals that lead to violence have also reduced.

Road safety, homicides, and suicide crime rates

Though medical marijuana helps improve a patient’s condition, it has also been linked to suicide. Homicide cases are also on the rise in states that have legalized medical marijuana. Marijuana also impairs thinking and judgment. It may lead to an increase in road accidents and other violent crimes.

 Legalization of Marijuana overview             

Since some states have legalized marijuana, those incarcerated may petition for annulment of their convictions. In some states, up to 30mg possession of marijuana may qualify for expungement. Some states have reduced penalties for the crime. In other states decriminalization of possession of a small amount of marijuana has been enacted. Doing so has reduced the number of arrests. Through a professional lawyer in your state, you can review your options if you are arrested for any marijuana-related crime. Subsequently, you can be released on bail bonds if you consult with the right bail bondsman.

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