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ASAP Bail Bonds Phillips County is the best reviewed bail bonds service provider in Phillips County, Colorado.

ASAP Bail Bonds agents are the best bail bond providers throughout Colorado and have left more customers satisfied than any other company. They are located in Holyoke, Colorado. There close proximity to the jail and 24/7 operation means ASAP Bail Bondsmen can post your bail bond at the Phillips County jail day or night. ASAP Bail Bonds boasts the lowest rates in Colorado and are eager to answer your call and questions right now. Please call a local bail agent today to get your friend or family member released!

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Although unwanted, you may find yourself in need of a bail bondsman to discharge a friend or family member. This process can be confusing and frustrating in the face of charges and jail time. When you choose ASAP Bail Bonds Phillips County, we pledge an experience that is quick and simple. Our bail bondsmen are here to work with day and night from start to finish. We know you may find yourself in this situation at any time of the day and for that we operate 24/7. We also post all bail bonds, large or small. ASAP Bail Bonds bail bondsmen have posted thousands of bonds but remain invested in you and your family. Since we are family-owned and operated, we pride ourselves on employing bail bond agents who embody this commitment to community.

ASAP Bail Bonds Phillips County has a top priority of clarifying your bail bond process. We know each case is different and our bail agents focus on personalizing your experience. They ensure you know the timeline, implication and steps needed for your case. They offer unmatched and world-class service with a local, hometown feel. Not only this, but our bail bondsmen can also setup financing plans and collateral alternatives as well. No matter what your circumstance is, we can find a way to get your loved one out of jail. Give us a call today! We will answer no matter the time and get your loved one released ASAP!

What Happens During the Bail Process?

The court process may be complicated, but the bail bonds process is much easier to understand. After your loved one has been arrested

  1. You call our office to talk about bail.
  2. We look up the bail amount and charges for your loved one.
  3. We calculate the bond premium and talk about what you’ll be charged.
  4. You and any co-applicants fill out a bond application and sign a standard contract. The co-signers serve as the indemnitor for the bail bond, which means they guarantee that your loved one will comply with the court.
  5. You pay your bond agent the bail premium.
  6. The bond agent will post bail for your loved one at the jail.

After your loved one has been released from jail, that individual will come see us as well.

What’s the Process to Release a Bond

Releasing a bail bond means getting money back from the court and ending your obligation as an indemnitor. That happens once your loved one has made all required court appearances or the charges have been dismissed. At this time, we’ll return your collateral. However, we retain your bond premium as the fee for our service.

Cities within Phillips County that we provide service in



Phillips County Jail Info

Phillips County Detention Center
(970) 854-3644 
221 S Interocean Avenue, Holyoke, CO 80734
Visiting Hours: Please call the Phillips County jail for information.

Why We Are the Bail Bondsman Ouray County Trusts

When you need your friend or family member out of jail a bail agent you can trust is essential.

Our bail agents are answering your call 24/7 so that you can directly communicate with your agent. Every step of the bail bond process will be with one of our licensed representatives. We employ only those with the highest standards of integrity and with your best interest in mind. As a consequence, we offer the lowest rates and payment flexibility. Since our agents are local and work closely with the Phillips County court system, they can post your bond faster than anyone else. Call us today to get the release process started for your loved one!



Being a county in Colorado, Phillips is one of the smallest counties in terms of population.

As of the 2010 US Population Census, the county had 4, 442 inhabitants. Holyoke is the county seat. It was named after R.O. Phillips, who is credited for organizing small towns in Colorado, and was Lincoln Land Company’s secretary.  The county is connected to its neighbors by the US Highway 6 and 385 that meet at Holyoke. The county was once a home to many groups of Plain Indians such as the Cheyenne, the Kiowa, the Sioux, the Arapaho, and the Comanche.

The county is one of the biggest producers of Pigs, cattle, sheep, and corn due to the availability of water resources from the Ogallala Aquifer. Here are other things you need to know about this county:


Based on the information from the US Census Bureau, the size of the county is 688 square miles. Only 0.1 square miles of this area is water. 

The following are the counties that border Phillips:

  • Sedgwick County – north
  • Chase County, Nebraska – east
  • Perkins County, Nebraska – northeast
  • Logan County – west
  • Yuma County – south


The county had 1,239 families and 1781 households residing here. With the above-mentioned population and the total size of the county, the population density was 6 people for every square mile. The total number of housing units as per the 2000 US census was 3 for every square mile.

Here is the racial makeup of the county as of 2000:

  • Whites 93.04% 
  • African Americans or blacks- 0.20% 
  • Native Americans – 0.29%
  • Latino or Hispanic- 11.76%
  • Asian population – 0.40% 
  • Other races- 4.71% 
  • Pacific Islanders – 0.02%
  • Two or more races 1.34% 

Of the above population, 26.9% was aged below 18 years, 6.30 % was aged between 18 and 24, 22.30% was aged between 25 and 44 while 22.20% was aged between 45 and 65 years while those who were 65 years or older were 19.40% of the total populace.