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Jackson County Jail Info


Jackson County Detention Center
(970) 723-4242
396 LaFever Street, Walden, CO
Visiting Hours: Please call the Jackson County jail for info.

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One of the traits that ASAP Bail Bonds Jackson County prides itself on is trust and security.

Our agents have close ties to the surrounding communities and care about their people. ASAP Bail Bondsmen focus on integrity and operate 24/7 so you are always informed and up to date. Simply put, our mission as a bail bonds company is to help people rather than make money, as opposed to how most other bail bond agencies operate. This coupled with our unparallel training, transfers to the top-rated bail bonds service for customers. Call us today to see how we can help you get your loved one released from jail.


Named after the country’s former president, Andrew Jackson, the county total area is 1,621 square miles.

The unemployment rate stands at 2.4%, and there’s positive job growth. Jackson has a lower cost of living when compared to the rest of the counties in the county. The weather is not bad, with the least comfortable months being December and January, and most pleasant being August, July, and June. One good thing about this county is that the commute time is zero. 

In matters politics, the county is a Republican stronghold, going by the previous five presidential elections. Today, it’s the highest producer of hay, forage and fodder crops because of the ranches in the area. Tourism and wildlife are also a source of revenue for the county. There are many recreation activities to indulge in. These include nature trails, bicycle riding, hiking, and fishing. It is among some of the best places to fish, hunt, and enjoy wildlife. Parks and natural forests include State Forest, State Park, Mount Zirkel Wilderness, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, and Never Summer Wilderness.

Below are additional facts about Jackson County:


Only 0.9% of the total area is water. The rest is landmass. It borders five counties, namely: 

  • Albany County, Wyoming – to the northeast
  • Carbon County, Wyoming – to the northwest
  • Grand County – to the south
  • Larimer County – to the east
  • Routt County – to the west

Walden is the largest town and is located 12,953 feet above sea level.   Due to mining, there exist 8 ghost towns namely, Zirkel, Teller City, Spicer, Pearl, Owl, Old Homestead, Hebron, and Brownlee. 


There was a drop in population by 11.6%, from 1,577 to 1,357, according to the 2010 census. Going by 2000 census, there were 442 families in the region. Whites are the dominant majority, with 96.20% of the total population. Most of the locals are from the ages of 45 to 64, and the average age is 40 years.