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Questions to Ask a Bail Bondsman that you want to hire

To secure freedom after an arrest, a bail amount must be posted by a bail bondsman if one cannot raise the set amount. Before hiring the bail bondsman, here are some of the questions you may ask yourself:

  • How can I obtain bail?
  • How fast and when will you get the bail bond?
  • When can you get the bail amount and how secure is it?
  • What information regarding the defendant is important?

 What is the bail bond process?

The first step is to determine the bail amount depending on the nature of the offense alleged to be committed. The judge will review bail applications and set conditions of the bail before granting it. The defendant is released after the bail amount is posted, but one can claim the bail amount after the acquittal of charges.

bail bondsman questions

When and how does one secure bail?

You may apply for bail immediately, and if you meet the conditions set by the judge, and post the right bail amount, will get out of custody quickly. Your friends or relatives may post cash bail, but in cases where the bail amount is high, the services of a bail bondsman will be required.

After posting the bail amount, is it secure?

The bail amount is secure and one can claim the money after the acquittal of the defendants’ case, but the defendant must honor the bail bond conditions. Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture, and the court will not refund the bail amount.

What information does the bail bond company require about the defendant?

A professional licensed bail bondsman will ensure that you post bail for the defendant fast. To speed up the process, you should provide the following information: the jail name and location, the name of the defendant, the booking number, and the bail amount to be posted. Providing such information enables the surety bond company to work fast to get the defendant out of custody.

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