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Proactive Tips to Address an Active Warrant

There are many reasons why a warrant of arrest may be issued against someone. If you have a criminal record, you have committed a crime, or even breached bail conditions, a judge may issue a warrant of arrest. But there are a few things you can do even if a warrant of arrest has been issued against you.

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Confirm the warrant of arrest
  2. Hire a defense lawyer to help you respond to the warrant
  3. Warrant Resolution

How to confirm warrant of arrest against you

There are two types of warrants, a bench warrant, and an arrest warrant. You may check online or through the local legal offices whether you are under arrest first so that you can follow the right procedure. To get such information, you will need to give your names, place of warrant issue, and your age.

active warrant arrest

What is the best way to respond to a warrant?

The best way is to seek legal advice from a professional criminal lawyer. They can give you advice on the options you have including, turning yourself to the police. Even if you are arrested, a defense lawyer will help to negotiate and secure a bail bond so that you can leave custody as soon as possible.

Resolving the warrant of arrest

Some people prefer to turn themselves to the police instead of being arrested, but it is good to consult your defense attorney on the best option under your circumstances. At the jail, they will take your fingerprints, photographs, and record all the other relevant information. You should not answer any questions or engage in any conversations with the officers without your lawyer being present. You should also contact a bail bondsman to secure bail so that you get out of custody fast.

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