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The Lighter Side: 5 Funniest Bail Bond Company Names

After your arrest, the first step loved ones will take is to ensure that they secure your freedom. They may post cash bail or secure bail through bail bondsman company. Due to competition, most bail bond companies have rebranded to ensure that they stand out. Having catchy and funny names is one way to capture the customer’s attention.

dog house bail


Here are 5 Funniest Bail Bond Companys Names;

  1. Lipstick bail bonds

The unusual and funny branding of this company has caught the attention of many clients. The use of pink color in their branding online attracts so much attention and leads. The company is owned by Lisa and Teresa Golt. Their experience in the police force may have contributed to the success of the company.

  1. 2nd Chance Bail Bonds

The name symbolizes the second chance of freedom to defendants. Most people will want that after an arrest. The founder though started the company after his struggle with drugs and spending time in and out of jail. Daniel Matalon started the company to ensure those accused of drug dealings and violations get a chance out of jail.

  1. Grumpy’s bail bonds

The slogan catches your attention and you will also be amazed by their slogan; when you ring, we spring. Such captivating and unique names have an edge, especially in online marketing.

  1. All out bail bonds

All defendants would want some freedom immediately after their arrest. The Arizona based bail bond company captures that in their brand at a glance.

  1. Beehive bail bonds

The first impression the company creates for potential clients is that of hard work and sweet results. When incarcerated, you would do anything to enjoy sweet freedom through a professional and able bail bond company. Beehive bail bonds would want to create that impression to their clients, and they have successfully managed to build their brand.

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