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Prisoner Rights vs Prisoner Privileges: What Is the Difference?

A right is what the federal or state constitution guarantees. Even courts cannot suspend prisoner rights without following the due process. A privilege can be conditional, and usually, it is given under the laws of that particular prison or facility. Some prisoners may access certain privileges while others may not.

Prisoner rights

Some of the prisoner rights include the right to religion, the right to seek counsel, and medical attention. Prisoners also have a right to post bail though it will depend on the severity of the crime. Most prisoners know about their rights to access legal education and to be protected against assault especially, while in prison. prisoners also enjoy the right of separation based on age, gender, and nature of the crime. The 8th amendment ensures that the prisoners are not subjected to unusual and excessive punishment.

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Prisoner privileges

Privileges mainly focus on providing comfort and relaxation to prisoners. Different prisons offer different privileges to their inmates. Privileges are not offered to all prisoners. The accomplishments of the prisoners and their behavior will determine who enjoys the privileges or not. Some of the privileges include education, visitations by family and friends, or vocational training. Some prisons provide recreational facilities for inmates to watch TV or play various games. Some prisoners also get the privilege to stop call their relatives and friends. Such activities help in the relaxation and improving the mental health of the inmates. Those who do not qualify for prison privileges are motivated to improve their behavior so that they can access such privileges.

Violation of rights

Though there is nothing much you can do when privileges are withdrawn since they are not guaranteed by the statutes, when your rights are violated, you can file a complaint. Your attorney will advise you on filing a grievance. It is good to file complaints and grievances as soon as possible because of the time limits.

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