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The rights of inmates while incarcerated

It is normal for one to be incarcerated in their lifetime and therefore they need to be treated in a humane manner while they are remanded or jailed. However, one of the best ways to make an inmate comfortable is to get them bailed out of jail. If this is not possible, it is important that they have their rights respected all the time. So, what are some of these rights that inmates are entitled to while they are incarcerated? Here are some of these rights and privileges:

  1. Freedom from unusual or cruel punishment
  2. Right to healthy and nutritious food and exercise
  3. Freedom from sexual harassment
  4. Right to access to court and voice complaints
  5. Adequate mental and medical care
  6. Right to freedom of speech

Incarceration is already a punishment for the inmates. As such, they should not be subjected to any other punishments from prison warders, fellow prisoners or any other person. They should not be tortured or abused in any manner.

escape jail

Nutritious and healthy food is another right that inmates have. All foods consumed by the inmates need to be prepared in a sanitary manner. Inmates with special dietary needs should have these met.

Any type of sexual harassment on the inmates is prohibited; be it suggestions, sexual aggression, sexual innuendoes and so on. No prisoner should be sexually abused by another prisoner, a prison guard and so on.

All inmates have a right to voice their complaints and access court services when this is required. They can complain about the prison they are housed in, any other prisoners or such complaints without the need for them to fear any reprisals.

All inmates deserve adequate mental and medical care regardless of their age, color and crimes committed. They also need not be discriminated against and should be accorded freedom of speech at all times.

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