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Someone Got Arrested, What to Do Next?

When one is under arrest, they call their friends and family for help. Ensure that you don’t engage in a conversation where they may something that may incriminate them. Usually, jail officers monitor phone calls. There are four things you need to do after an arrest.

  1. Talk to the DA office
  2. Speed up arraignment and setting of bail
  3. Contact a licensed bail bondsman 
  4. Hire defense lawyers

Contact the DA office

 You will get more information regarding the arrest from the district attorney office. In case it was a driving offense, you will know if the car was impounded. As a third party, you need to follow the procedures to have it released.


 After an arrest, the next step is arraignment in court within 24 hours. The maximum period within which a defendant must take a plea is 48 hours. The judge will set bail, and if you can pay the bail immediately, the defendant will be set free. There are certain bail conditions that the defendant must adhere too. Some defendants may fail to qualify for bail depending on the nature of the crime, and other factors.

Bail bondsman

 A bail bondsman is important if you cannot raise the bail amount. With a small fee of around 10 percent of the bail bond amount, you will secure bail. After posting bail, the defendant will be set free.

Hire a defense lawyer

 You should hire a defense lawyer for the defendant. It will help him escape conviction. Conviction means, you will lose the bail amount. He will go to jail and will have to serve a jail sentence. But one may still appeal the judge’s decision. If you get a good lawyer, they will represent the defendant in a court of law, and secure his freedom.

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