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Surprising things you might not know about bail bonds

If you are arrested, it is good to get a bail bond to secure your freedom.  Some people also post cash bail to secure their freedom.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a loan from a bail bond company to the defendant to secure his freedom. They offer a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court and follow conditions of release. Most bail bond companies, however, prefer cash.

Here are some of the surprising things you might not know about bail bonds;

Not every state offers bail bonds

That is why you may not find bail bond companies in some states. Some of the states that do not offer bail bonds include Washington DC, Oregon, and Nebraska among others.

Bounty hunters

The defendant should be aware of the operations of the bounty hunters so that they can honor court conditions. Failure to meet the court conditions, a bounty hunter will look for you across states, or even break into your home to get you without a warrant of arrest.

Collateral for bail bonds

Most bail bond companies will accept stocks, real estate, or any other valuables including jewelry, and vehicles.  If you do not have cash, and a loved one has been arrested, you may approach a bail bond company with any of these collaterals.

Most people avoid cash bail

As much as possible, people avoid paying cash bail because of the financial implications. The money posted as cash bail may be used for other income-generating activities. Bail bonds, on the other hand, require minimal cash input. In case a defendant fails to show up in court or fails to honor court conditions, you may lose the entire cash bail amount. With bail bonds, the bail bond company can help you to recover some money.

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