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The different types of jail release system

Offenders are released from jail before trial, or after trial and conviction depending on the jail release systems. The jail release system differs hence the various types of releases.

Here are 5 different types of a jail release system

  1. Conditional release
  2. Temporal absence
  3. Statutory release
  4. Own recognizance
  5. Full release

Conditional release.

Under conditional release, you may qualify for either day or full parole. You will be released to the community during the day, but you have to return in the evening. Usually, this is also the first step to getting full parole. You will be under supervision during release. The court may ask for bond as security you will appear for court hearings. It is good to check eligibility for the release first.

Temporary release

Depending on the nature of the offense, you may get escorted, unescorted, or work release under this system. Offenders may qualify for this type of release based on compassion, responsibilities, due to rehabilitation among other reasons.

Own recognizance

Depending on the algorithm that the judge uses, they may release you based on your age, type of offense, or your risk to the community.

Statutory release

Under the laws, the court may release offenders who have served at least two-thirds of their jail term. They may then serve the rest of their jail term in the community under supervision.

 Full release

After you serve your sentence, you are released. Some offenders may opt to stay in jail even after conditional or statutory releases. Others who could not qualify for the above releases will also be released under full release option since they have served their sentence. Those serving jail term due to dangerous crimes have only this option. But with proper guidance, and if they have evidence to prove their innocence, they may still apply for parole or conditional release.

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