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Mistakes to avoid when posting bail

It is very stressful to spend a night or day in jail. After they arrest you, you should look for the fastest way to get out of jail by posting bail. The mistakes to avoid when posting bail include;

  1. Giving false information to the bond company, or the court
  2. Hiring incompetent bond company
  3. Delays in securing bail

False information

Giving wrong information is a crime. You should particularly not give false information in court, or to your bond company. It can make you fail to secure a bail. Always answer all the questions truthfully. If the court or bond company detects lies, this minimizes your chances of getting bail because it shows that you are not reliable, and they can’t trust you to honor the bail conditions. The bond company and the court have a right to revoke a bond in case they realize that you lied on any of the questions.

 Hiring the wrong bond company

How can one identify the right bond company? Check their minimum amount which is usually 10 percent of the bail amount. Any company charging less than that may not be genuine, or capable of securing your bail. Remember there are scams in the bond company industry who may be after stealing from you. It is good to also seek professional help from your attorney to ensure that you get the right bond company.

Delays in processing bail

Most of the bond companies work for 24 hours. So, even though you are arrested at night, you can still secure a bail immediately. After the arrest, it is good to immediately contact an attorney. You may then reach out to a bond company to help you secure bail with the court as first as possible. This is very important.

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