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Solitary Confinement: Torture by Any Other Name?

Solitary confinement applies to defendants in jail who are not allowed to contact anyone apart from jail staff. It is a form of torture according to various human rights groups.

What is Solitary Confinement?

A prisoner who lives in a cell alone away from other inmates is under solitary confinement. He cannot contact other inmates. There is special security equipment as additional measures to ensure that he has no freedom at all. Other common terms that refer to solitary confinement include segregation, lockdown, or isolation.

Use and criticism

Some people think solitary confinement is good. Some of the reasons why they think they are good are because a prisoner may be a danger to other prisoners. Another reason is to offer protective custody to celebrities or witnesses who might be attacked by other prisoners due to their status. Protective custody for such an offender is solitary confinement too. However, with a bail bond option, such a prisoner can be released.

But opponents of this form of punishment consider it torture. Solitary confinement takes away individual freedom of human contact. One also loses out on sensory input wile on confinement. Other reasons why it is considered torture are the negative effects it has on the mental health of the prisoner. Some developmental illnesses while in prison.

Solitary Confinement and human rights

Individuals have a right to social life. There are many cases of solitary confinement victims who can testify that it is a form of punishment. In Britain, they work on ways to avoid brutality to the prisoners. In Britain’s cells, prisoners are given more control compared to other prisons around the world. Giving them access to special programs and education helps the prisoners to improve their social skills. There are negligible cases of long-term isolation in the UK nowadays. Long isolation period in cells can cause irreversible behavioral changes in human beings. One may seek legal help to appeal against solitary confinement. They can also opt to contact a surety bond insurance company to help them out.

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