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Reasons people need to post bail during Christmas

During Christmas, there are many celebrations. People spend time with their family and friends enjoying food and drinks. It is at Christmas that many people get in trouble too. To avoid spending time in jail during Christmas, there are a few things you should avoid. However, in case you are arrested, you can post a bail bond and be released pending hearing of your case.

Reasons for posting bail during Christmas

  1. Shoplifting and theft
  2. Airport arrests
  3. Driving under the influence
  4. Violence and assault

Shoplifting and theft

People tend to spend more money at Christmas. If you cannot afford presents or something that you need, you may be tempted to steal. Such theft charges may be classified as a misdemeanor.  You may have to post bail or spend Christmas in jail if you are accused of any of these charges

Airport arrests

Traveling is also common during Christmas. Many people are arrested at the airport for possession of drugs or other substances. Some of the drugs may be legal in your state but illegal in others. You may need an attorney to represent you in case you are arrested. Before the court hearing, some people prefer to post a bail bond to secure freedom and enjoy Christmas.

Driving under the influence

There are so many parties at Christmas. People enjoy drinks until late at night and still drive while drunk. It is good to have a designated driver when you go drinking. Alternatively, you may hire a cab. It would be cheaper than hiring a licensed bail bondsman to post bail for you.

Violence and assault

There are many cases of assault during Christmas. It happens especially in families due to financial and social reasons. Many people also abuse drugs and alcohol and become very violent. To avoid arrests, it is good for the family to relate well and discuss issues.

domestic violence

What you should do in case you are arrested

After an arrest, it is good to seek bail. A licensed bail bondsman company can help you secure the freedom to enjoy Christmas with friends and family.

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