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Resources that Bail Bondsmen Have in Finding a Fugitive

After the judge grants bail to the defendant, they are set free when they post bail. For a higher amount, they seek the services of a licensed bail bondsman. The main condition when granting bail is that the defendant must appear in court. In case he doesn’t, the bail bond company loses the money. That is why they will do anything to find the defendant and take him to court.

Ways to trace fugitives

Most bail bond companies will use bounty hunters to trace a fugitive. They are trained on effective methods to trace a fugitive. Some of the main methods they use include:

  1. Twenty-four-hour surveillance
  2. Contacting family friends and all acquittances
  3. Searching the defendant’s premises to re-arrest them
  4. Background and criminal records search
  5. Tricks

Skiptracing and bounty hunters

Bounty hunters do not need the warrant to search a fugitive’s premises. They are only paid when they surrender the fugitive. That is why sometime they may use excessive force. Bounty hunters are trained to maintain law and order when searching for the fugitive. They have the power to apprehend a fugitive.

bounty hunter

Bail bondsman companies may also use skip tracers to trace a fugitive. Mostly, skip tracers search for debtors or professionals needed to offer various services. They use indirect means to locate the intended person. They do not trace the person at their premises. Usually, they track the person from their offices. Unlike bounty hunters, they cannot apprehend anyone.

But most companies that offer bail bonds usually have bounty hunters. They cannot afford to risk financial loss especially if the fugitive was freed on a huge bail amount. Bounty hunters may use ruthless methods to find a fugitive. They will deliver him to court to face charges. It is good to adhere to bail conditions. Having a record of not honoring bail conditions ruins your chances of getting a bail again.

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