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Know Your Rights This Black Friday

People love shopping during black Friday because of the massive discounts and offers from various suppliers. But sometimes things go wrong, and you have no idea of how to deal with deals that go wrong. In some cases, consumers may be arrested especially if they do not pay for products. Depending on the return policies, some dealers may feel that a consumer did not adhere to the policies. In case of arrests, one may seek a bail bond to avoid spending time in jail.

man in cuffs

Consumer rights and obligations

Buyers have the right to cancel a sale within fourteen days. By checking the terms and conditions of the sale, it will be easier to cancel any sale. Consumers must provide evidence of the payment for the products, and their attempt to cancel the sale. The seller is liable for transport costs and risks. But for tailor-made products, they are not refundable. Buyers have a right to refuse damaged goods and request a refund of their money or goods.

 Seller obligations and rights

Online business gives the seller rights and obligations to cushion sellers against losses. The main obligation is that they must disclose details regarding their products so that consumers can make the right decisions. After the seller has posted the price of a product, they cannot change the prices. The seller should deliver products within thirty days after the sale agreement.

 Black Friday deals

There are many scams on black Friday. Many frauds also happen during this time. One should be careful when shopping. The consumer rights still apply during Black Friday deals. But one must be careful to shop at genuine websites. You may seek legal help in case of disagreements. In case you are arrested due to shopping deals gone wrong, you may still seek legal help. To avoid spending time in jail, you may seek help from a licensed bail bondsman.

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