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DUI part 2: How to detect drugs in the body

You could be guilty of an offense if you take a prescribed drug and drive.  There are roadside drug tests that are done on drivers to detect cases of DUI. These are tests such as saliva test to detect THC. One of the differences between DUI and drunk driving is that there are no minimum amounts of drugs that are allowed for a conviction. As long as you test positive for the drugs, you will be hauled to court to answer charges of DUI.

There are a number of questions that people may have about drug testing on drivers. Here are some of the DUI drugs testing FAQs:

  1. What drugs are tested?
  2. What about the DUI caused by other drugs?
  3. Can one still drive after testing positive for drugs?
  4. Can I refuse to be tested?
  5. What about a blood test?

The drugs that are tested by the roadside are those that detect THC or cannabis, MDMA and Methylamphetamine. Any uniformed police officer can require that you undergo this test to determine the presence or absence of the above drugs in your system. It is also possible for one to be charged with DUI if one is impaired by the use of other types of drugs.

You may want to drive even after you have tested positive for the above drugs. However, this will be determined by the police officer in charge. The above drugs can take up to 24 hours to be out of the system. The police can require you to surrender your keys and even immobilize your car.

It is an offense to refuse a drug test of any kind. The same case applies to a blood test. Anybody admitted to hospital as a result of a road accident is subjected to a blood test as long as they are over 10 years.

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