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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

When a friend or a relative is arrested, one of the things that you want to do is have them released on bail. You may decide to pay the whole bail amount. If you do not have the required bail premium, it is common for one to contact a bail bondsman for this purpose. The bail bondsman will pay the bail amount or a fraction of the amount and have your relative released. However, many people may have a number of questions about the bail bond issue.

Here are such questions:

  1. How much is required for a bail bond?
  2. Who sets the premiums for the various states?
  3. What options does one have for paying the bail bond?
  4. How does a bail bondsman work?

How much should be paid as a bail bond?

Generally, one is allowed to pay at least 10% of the total bail amount before they can be released. For the federal courts, bail bonds are set at 15% and the immigration ones are set at 20%.

bail bonds

Who sets the bail bond premiums?

This is something people may want to know. Well, the bail premiums are set by the states’ department of Insurance or by the statute. There are states that don’t have specific maximum bail premiums but ensure that bail bond companies do not set punitive, discriminatory or inadequate premiums. It is always advisable that one is aware of the bail terms for their state.

Bond payment options

There are different ways one can pay for bail. You can pay the full amount or offer some form of collateral instead. The items used as collateral can be taken custody of by the courts. One can also pay for bail bonds through a bail bondsman. Bondsmen are well trained and have a good working relationship with the courts, making it one of the best ways people can be released and attend court at the terms of the courts and the bail bondsmen.

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