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How Long Can You Be Out on Bail?

No one wants to spend time in jail. When a friend, family member, or even yourself get arrested, the first step to take is to post bail to secure freedom.

Granting bail

A judge will grant bail depending on how the bail bond company argues your case. The main condition is that the defendant should not violate the bail terms. Conditions of the bail include; living within a particular residence, appearing in court for cases, and restraining from committing additional crimes.  If you are on bail, you should aim at lengthening your bail period. It differs depending on the amount of bail and criminal record. But a defendant can maintain bail by adhering to the bail conditions. Visiting the police authorities periodically as per the bail terms can also help to prolong your bail period.

granting bail

The bail time frame and terms and conditions

Who determines the period within which one can stay out on bail? Mostly it is the court through the magistrate. Negotiations between your bail bond company and the court also influences the magistrate’s decision. The grounds under which a defendant requests bail will also determine how long they can stay out on bond. In case you request bail on medical grounds, the doctor should update the court regularly on your progress. The regulations in your state will also determine how long you stay out on bail. Usually, it ranges from ninety to one hundred and twenty days.

Bail duration

To get maximum bail duration possible, you need to seek professional help from a bail bond company. Professional attorneys understand the law. They will do everything possible to ensure that you get bail. You should ensure that you present your bail plea with precision and diligence so that you can get favorable bail terms and a longer bail duration.

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