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How the Jail Booking Process Works

The process of jail booking is frightening. No one enjoys such processes but after an arrest, the police have to put you through the jail booking process.

What does the booking process entail?

The process may take one hour or more time depending on the officer doing the booking, your cooperation, and the nature of the crime. Below are some of the procedures to be followed;

  • Registering your identity and nature of the crime
  • Taking a mug shot and fingerprints for your booking record
  • Gathering evidence of the alleged crime
  • Body search and change of attire to jail uniform
  • Criminal record review and health screening

Getting out of jail

As you await trial, you do not have to stay in jail. With professional help from a bail bond company, you can secure freedom by posting bail. The judge will set bail depending on your age, criminal record and nature of the crime. With a good bondsman, you will get a fair bail and post it, hence you will not go to jail pending trial. You will also get time to build a strong case with your attorney to ensure that you are free of any charges.

bail bond

Securing bail faster

Even in tight situations, you may still secure bail and your freedom through a bail bondsman. You should identify a reliable bail bond company to help you post bail. All pertinent information should be shared with the bail bond company so that they can process bail fast. Remember to also share with the bail bondsman information regarding the bail schedule. You should also review your rights and if not clear, contact an attorney so that no one infringes on your rights. To secure a bail faster, it is good to contact a reliable and reputable bail bond company. Through their experience and expertise, you will get out of jail fast.

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