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How Do You Get Bail Money Back?

When under arrest, you may post bail to secure your release. Immediately, after the judge rules on the case, you may claim the bail amount. But this is possible only if you adhere to the court conditions on bail. You need to follow some steps to claim the money back. A bail bond company can help you claim the money fast.

Steps in claiming bail bond money back;

  1. Case status review
  2. Review of the options
  3. Case dismissal

Case status

Before you claim the bail refund, you must review the case of the defendant. The defendant should honor the bail conditions so that you are eligible for a refund. Sometimes the charges may be dropped or the defendant acquitted. You may claim the refund after verifying the case status. But in case the defendant is guilty, the bail amount will cover court fees and other associated costs.

What are your options?

From your records, you should know whether you paid a partial amount or the full bond amount. When you post bail through a bail bond company, you only pay ten percent of the bail amount. In such cases, you cannot claim the bail amount since that is the bondsman’s fee.

Case dismissal

You should keep track of the case proceedings. You can begin the process of claiming back your money only after the case ends. In case of any changes in contact information, you should update the court since they will refund the bail amount through the current address with them.

The court will process the refund and you will receive it within six weeks. You may seek the assistance of a professional bail bond company to claim back the money. But remember, the defendant must meet the bail conditions for you to qualify for the refund.

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