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Flaws in the U.S. Jail System: World’s Most Effective Rehabilitation Methods

The US has the highest incarceration rates. The main reason is because of traditional jailing guidelines that still. Poverty criminalization also ensures that the accused do not get bail because they can’t afford to pay bonds. Drugs and access to firearms also contribute to the high number of prisoners. To maintain the prisons, the state requires a lot of revenue. Opting for alternative rehabilitation methods can help the state to save some money. Making it possible for the accused to secure a bond fast is another way through which the jail population can be reduced.

 Alternatives to imprisonment

 The alternatives that the US jail authorities can adopt include:

  1. Periodic detention
  2. Restorative justice
  3. Rehabilitation and fines


Periodic detention

 The main advantage of periodic detention is that prisoners can continue with their normal lives. They also will not associate with more dangerous criminals. If one can get a bail bond, and adhere to the conditions, it can also help in decongesting the US jails.

Restorative justice

 Offering justice to victims of the crime is important. Restorative justice reduces the probability of reincarceration. Community-based activities and programs are a good alternative to prison. It mainly focuses on behavior change.

Fines and rehabilitation centers

 The accused should be fined instead of imprisonment. That can help to reduce the number of inmates. Paying a fine will deter them from committing other crimes later in life. Depending on the crime committed, not all crimes are punishable by imprisonment. Reforms should also be done to discourage excessive use of power by the judges. It will help the accused to secure bail and afford to pay a bail bondsman so that they can secure their freedom. Successful European companies have adopted alternative methods of punishment. It has helped to reduce the number of inmates in their jails.

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