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Factors judges consider when setting bail amounts

When it comes to setting bail for arrestees, what are some of the factors that judges consider? Does the type of crime committed have any bearing on the bail amounts set? Well, these are some of the issues that people need to know before they can contact licensed bail bondsman for help. We shall discuss some of these factors here. These are:

  1. How serious the crime is
  2. Previous criminal history
  3. Any outstanding warrants
  4. Flight risk of the defendant
  5. College enrollment or employment of the defendant

Misdemeanors or petty crimes usually have lower bail amounts charged when compared to felonies, also known as serious crimes. Even though the bail set is not supposed to be punitive, it can be set in such a way that the court is assured the defendant will appear for their court hearings.

bail amounts

The criminal history of the arrestee also plays a big role in setting bail. The judge will consider factors such as the defendant’s past failure to appear in court, their outstanding warrants and generally, their criminal history to set the bail amount attached to their current alleged crime.

Flight risk of the arrestee is another important factor that a judge will consider when setting bail. Does the defendant have local close family ties? How long have they stayed in the community? The financial position of the arrestee will also guide the judge in setting bail. A destitute arrestee is of less flight risk.

Another common factor a judge will use to determine the amount in bond will be the employment status or the college enrollment status of the arrestee. The bail bond set will depend on the ability of the person to pay and the possibility of them losing their job if they are stuck in jail due to a lack of funds to pay for the bail bonds.

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