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Secured and Unsecured Bail Bonds

After an arrest, the defendant has a right to post bail to secure freedom from jail. It is advisable to post bail so that you do not spend time in jail. If you are innocent, it is a punishment to spend any time in jail. Pending trial, you can still be free but you have to post bail and honor the bail conditions.

Bail and how it works

After the judge sets a bail amount, you must post the same before securing your release. You may seek help from bail bond companies. Before the bail bond company posts bail on your behalf, you will need to pay them some fees which is usually ten percent of the bail amount. The fees may vary depending on the state laws and the bail bond company. Immediately the bail bondsman post bail, you will be out of jail. But you must show up for trial without fail. You may opt for any of the two types of bail bonds.

  1. Secured bail bonds
  2. Unsecured bail bonds

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Secured bail bonds

Bail bonds are similar to a loan. When a bail bond company posts bail, they give assurance to the court that on the day of the trial you will show up and in case you don’t, the bail bond company loses the bail amount through forfeiture. Most bail bond companies ask for collateral first before posting bail. It may be in the form of property especially real estate or motor vehicles. Stocks and jewelry may also act as collateral for secured bonds.

Unsecured bail bonds

Unsecured bail bonds are also known as signature bonds since they lack security. You just need to promise the company that you will show up and due to your relationship with the company, and reputable character they may post bail for you. It will apply for insignificant crimes, and if you apply for it in your neighborhood where the bail bond company operates and knows you very well.

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