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FAQs about Arrest Warrant

There are a number of things you should know about arrest warrants. A professional legal advisor will help you understand some of the terms and procedures to be followed after an arrest, especially on surety bond companies and how to secure bail through them. Reviewing FAQS about arrest warrants will help you understand the laws and the enforcement procedure while ensuring no individual rights are violated. 

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about arrest warrants:

  • Arrest warrant; what exactly is this?
  • How do law enforcement offices get warrants?
  • What is a bench warrant?
  • What is a violation of probation warrant and when does it apply?

Arrest warrants explained

An arrest warrant is a signed official document from the court indicating that a crime has been committed at a specific location and time, by the person named in the document, and stating how the police should arrest that person. It may also indicate a bail amount that the defendant must post to secure their freedom.

arrest warrant

When do the police obtain the warrants, and how do they do it?

Immediately a crime is reported to the police, they submit an affidavit to the court which is received by a magistrate or a judge. An affidavit is an official document with factual information regarding the alleged crime and it is given under oath.

Bench warrant

After one is freed on bail, they are supposed to appear in court for case hearing. If they fail to do so, the judge issues a bench warrant. The warrant may not take effect immediately, but even at a later date, when a defendant is accused of another crime, they will be arrested.

VOP warrant

Once a defendant violates any probation terms and depending on the type of crime they are accused of, they may not get a bail bond ever again. A VOP warrant applies if there is proof of violation of probation conditions.

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