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Do You Get Money Back After Posting Bail or Bond?

After a friend or relative is arrested and jailed, their family and friends will do anything to ensure that they are out of jail within a short while. In most cases, they will post bail through a bail bond company. The defendant may then be convicted or set free, but they must attend the court hearings. You may be worried about whether you will get the bail bond money back or not. The defendant must honor court conditions, failure to which you can lose the bail amount. But apart from that, the procedure to follow when claiming back the money is as follows:

  • Check the status of the case
  • Review your options
  • Forfeiture

 Case status

The court will release your bail bond amount when the case is determined, and the defendant has been acquitted. It is good to ensure that the defendant is not guilty before posting bail to avoid financial loss. Usually, people post bail for persons they trust.

bail bond money back

Review your option for the bail bond

It is only after the acquittal of the defendant that you can claim a refund of the bail amount. Some cases take long, and you may not remember what method of posting bail bonds was used. You should review the payment option, and for cash bail, you will get a refund of the amount within six weeks through your mailing address. You should update the mailing address records with the court in case you relocate so the court can send the funds to the new address.


You will not get the bail bond amount refunded if the defendant fails to show up in court, or if they violate any bail conditions. Sometimes a defendant may have a genuine reason for not showing up for hearing of the case, in such a situation, you may have to apply for an appeal bond. The judge may schedule another court hearing, and if the defendant is acquitted you may claim for the refund.

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