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How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

Has it ever happened to you that your friend or your family member got arrested or detained for reasons related to immigration? Well if not, I believe this post should be of help to you in case this happens to you in the future. If unfortunately, this happens, the first thing you should do is to get an immigration bail bond. The principal reason for getting a bail bond is to get the victim released from detention up to the date of his/her court session.

immigration bail bonds

Requirements for a bond

There some specific qualifications that the detainee should meet for them to get a release bond. The qualifications areas listed below:

  • The detainee must be free of any type of serious criminal conviction in the past
  • It’s a requirement that the detained person must not be an arriving person or alien and doing an application for admission at the entrance port.

In case the detained person has been involved in previous arrests and/or convictions, it’s recommended that you get to discuss this matter with a well experienced Immigration Attorney to find out if these past arrests and convictions will deny you the rights to getting an immigration bond. Even when you feel you are not worth the immigration bond, it’s advised that you still request for its hearing.

If the detainee qualifies for the immigration bond, the decision of whether you will get it still lies in the hands of the immigration judges and the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). This is to mean that you must always start by confirming with the ICE of their decision on your Immigration Bond. The ICE’s initial decision is in most cases a “no bond” decision especially if the detainee has been convicted before.

Once the detained person is granted the immigration bond, either him/her, the immigration attorney, family or friend may now call the United States’ Immigration bail bonds. Only they can help you out with putting up the bail bond for the release of the detained person.

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