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Driving Under the Influence Part 1

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense that can lead one being charged with a misdemeanor. The offense is more severe for repeat offenders and can, therefore, suffer very bad consequences. For first time offenders, the punishment can vary based on the severity of the accidents that they cause. However, repeat offenders will be charged with a felony, especially where they injure third parties due to the accident caused.

Here are some of the consequences of DUI offenses on drivers:

  1. Arraignment in court
  2. Financial responsibilities related to the offense
  3. Restrictions on one’s driving privileges
  4. You will pay more for your car insurance
  5. You may be placed on probation
  6. You could attend alcohol-related programs
  7. Fines upon conviction
  8. Jail term

The above are just some of the resultant consequences of driving under the influence. After one is arrested for DUI related offenses, they will be arraigned after which they can be released on bond and then seek the help of a DUI attorney.

There are various financial related responsibilities that will befall people charged with a DUI offense. You have to pay a bond for you to be released, pay another bond to have the vehicle released as well as pay for towing. The offense also means that you will have to pay more in insurance premiums for your car. This is due to your risky driving behavior.

Other non-financial consequences are being placed on probation so authorities can observe your driving behaviors, attending alcohol and substance abuse-related educational programs as well as being fined heavily and even getting jailed if your DUI offense was a severe one. In short, you will end up wasting too much time and resources in the resultant processes and procedures of getting charged for DUI related offenses.

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