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Common bail bond terms

When a defendant applies for release, the court may allow it but under conditions. The bail bond terms may vary, but mainly, they depend on the type of bond, the agreement, and court constraints. Some of the common bail bond terms are;

  1. Restrictions on travel
  2. No-contact
  3. Substance abuse
  4. Regular check-ins
  5. Firearms possession


Travel restrictions

Pretrial officers usually monitor the movement of defendants. They should not leave the residential address as per the agreement when applying for the bond. Usually, a court may deny bail to a defendant if they are a high flight risk. The court can grant permission for travel if need be but, the defendant must seek their approval first before traveling.


No contact condition

When one is accused of harassment, domestic violence, or any other criminal threats, the court may grant bail to the defendant on condition that they should not contact the victim or visit them at all.

Substance abuse

If you are on trial due to substance abuse offenses, the court may order you to refrain from substance abuse when out on bail. Those accused of drunk -driving, possession of drugs, or any the substance must avoid substance abuse while out on bail.


The court may order a defendant to check in with pretrial officers regularly. They will monitor the defendant’s movements as well as monitor his compliance with all other court conditions.

Firearms possession

It is a crime to have firearms without a license. But even if you have a license, a judge may order you to restrain from possessing a firearm while out on bail.

Knowing your options after an arrest will help to free you from custody. You may apply for a cash bond, surety, or property bond. When you are out on bond, ensure that you comply with the bail bond conditions. A defendant may be arrested and put into custody if he does not comply with bail conditions.

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