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Do Bail Bondsmen Have to Mirandize When Arresting?

Sometimes the bail bondmen may have to arrest a fugitive if they run away from court proceedings. You see, the fact that bail bondmen have paid your bail bonds means that they stand to lose that money should you jump court hearings. While it is their right to arrest a fugitive and present them to court, depending on the state, the bail bondmen have no obligation to inform the fugitive of their Miranda rights. So, what do you need to know about this issue? Here are some of the pertinent issues to be aware of:

Miranda rights

Before a bail bondman arrest you, they can inform you of your Miranda rights. They will inform you that you should remain silent and that whatever you say at that particular juncture could be used against you in a court of law. They will also inform you of your right of an attorney, either provided by yourself or by the state.

bounty hunter fugitives

Bounty hunters are an option bail bondmen have

Bail bonds agents risk losing money if the defendant does not show up in court and as such, should this case arise, they are likely to hire bounty hunters who will track these defendants and bring them to court. These bounty hunters could sometimes use force to make sure one attends court hearings. You need to know that a bounty hunter is not under any jurisdiction and can track a defendant wherever they may be. They are also not obliged to Mirandize when they are arresting you.

Who is liable for injuries caused by the use of force?

In case a bounty hunter inflicts any form of injuries to a defendant who resists arrest, neither the bounty hunter nor the government will be responsible. The fact that the bounty hunters earn based on the number of fugitives they turn in; they are bound to use force in their work. As such, one needs to know that they will be solely responsible in case of any injuries in the process of being arrested. Therefore, once a bail bond has been paid for you, it is important to appear for court hearings.

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