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Can Cops Lie?

This is a common question that many people will ask. Well, it is true that cops can lie and this is allowed by courts. It is possible to detect police deception and this is a good way to caution yourself from the consequences that such lies could have on your case.

Here are some of the ways cops can lie and probably trick you to a confession:

  1. Lie about having physical evidence
  2. Tricks to make you give your DNA
  3. Giving fake test results so you are considered guilty
  4. Lie about the availability of eyewitnesses
  5. Lie that they have recorded your conversations
  6. Lie that they have your friend’s confession
  7. They will lie that they want to help you out of the case

You might wonder why the police need to lie when charging and prosecuting a case. Well, this is just one of the ways they want to make their work easy. When you fall for their tricks, it becomes easy for them. For instance, the police will lie that they have your DNA or your fingerprints. The fact that fingerprints and DNA analysis take time means that it is not possible for the police to have this evidence when they are interrogating you. The police could also trick you and take your DNA swab. Do not accept any drinks from them.

The police could also use a fake chemical test or fake machine for a polygraph test. They could use fake results from these tests to have you admit that you are lying. Beware of these tricks.

It is also possible for police to lie that they have eyewitnesses and make you confess to having been at the scene. There are many times when the cops also intimidate you with lies of having a confession from your friend.​ Always request to have your attorneys when you are interrogated by police as a way to protect yourself from police lies.

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