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Can You Post Bail on a Probation Violation?

It is important to understand that bail is a privilege that the judiciary gives the accused based on the assumption that they will not violate the fixed conditions that are set. Therefore, they are released on bail or bail bonds when they accept these conditions. It is highly likely that those offenders who violate the conditions of bail are going to serve a prison sentence.

What is probation?

This is a suspended sentence whereby one is allowed to serve their jail terms out of jail based on conditions that they will be in their best behavior and keep the peace. Some of the conditions for one to serve a probation sentence include:

  1. Getting proper counseling sessions
  2. Completing alcohol or drug treatment
  3. Regular visits to your assigned probation officer

There are a number of things that one can do and be deemed to have violated probation. When one breaks the probation conditions, they will be charged with this offense.  This means that one will increase the chances of these charges being harsher punishments, hence have their suspended sentences lifted.

probation court

The conditions set for probation are a little bit ambiguous and therefore, one may suffer consequences if they are not careful enough. A defendant who takes part in a crime that is not related to the original crime will be deemed to have violated probation.

A judge will review the violation of probation warrant submitted by the probation officer. He can thereafter set the condition of release and can make an order to the effect that the accused should have their bail bond increased. More restrictions can also be placed on the accused, meaning that the conditions set will be quite punitive. Bail can be posted for these offenders but the best thing to go about this would be to hire a highly qualified attorney to argue out your case. Failing at the trial means you will get stricter effects on the whole case.

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