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Bail for Drug Possession

Drug possession is a serious crime that can have one arrested and incarcerated. If it leads to a conviction, then one will be jailed for quite some time. If you are a resident of Colorado, you may be interested to know that marijuana is legalized and therefore, one will not be arrested if found with this substance. However, you should know that other substances are illegal and one can be arrested if they are caught in possession. It is possible to be released on a bail bond if you consult the right bail bondsman company.

Drugs are classified into 5 categories in Colorado, based on the likelihood of these drugs being abused by people. Here are the 5 categories:

  1. Schedule I drugs
  2. Schedule II drugs
  3. Schedule III drugs
  4. Schedule IV drugs
  5. Schedule V drugs

drug bail

The schedule I drugs are those that are highly likely to be abused and do not have any medical use. These are drugs such as synthetic opiates and Heroine.

Opium and opium derivatives are some of the drugs that belong to this second category. They have some accepted use medically but are likely to be abused. They have a serious dependence, psychologically, and physically if they are abused.

The schedule III drugs are not as likely to be abused as those in schedules I and II. Anabolic steroids belong to this category. They are accepted medically and will have moderate dependence physically and psychologically.

Schedule IV drugs are less likely to be abused. Their dependence is limited. Lorazepam belongs to this class. Schedule V drugs are least controlled and have certain narcotic drugs but in very small amounts.

The punishment for the possession of the above substances ranges from jail terms from 6 months to 6 years depending on the class of substances one is caught in possession of. If you are arrested for the above offenses, you can contact a suitably qualified and licensed bail bondsman for release.

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