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Can You Leave The State While Out On Bond?

After your arrest, the court may decide to release you on a bail bond. You are allowed to go back to your family and responsibilities as you wait for your trial. One of the most asked questions by the defendants is whether they are allowed to leave sate while out on bond. Most courts don’t allow you to leave your state while out on a bail bond as it increases your flight risk.

Before leaving your state while out on bond, make the following considerations:

  • Court terms and conditions
  • Bail bond company’s terms and conditions
  • Flight risk

Court terms and conditions

Leaving your state implies that you won’t be located in your current address. One of the conditions you must meet before a court grants your bail bond is an assurance that you will be living in your current address at least until your case is heard and determined. With such conditions, you will need the court’s permission before leaving your state. 

travel while on bail

Bail bond company’s conditions

The bail bond company may lose the bail amount if you fail to honor court dates. Therefore, most bail bond companies will grant you bail on condition that you will stay in your current address for the entire period of the trial. If you leave your state and fail to honor court dates, the bail bond company will be forced to use the services of a bounty officer to track you down and force you to obey court orders.

Flight risk

A court may disallow you to leave your state if it considers you a flight risk. But if you are traveling for plausible reasons such as seeking medical attention, or for work-related duties, the court may permit you. However, you should inform the judge of your travel plans, reason and the period you will be away.

You will only leave your state if you get permission from the court and your licensed bail bonds companies. You may get yourself in a lot of trouble if you choose to travel without their permission.

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