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Bail Bondsmen and Use of Force

When arrested, you can get help from licensed bail bond companies to secure your release through a bail bond pending the hearing and determination of your case. However, there are dire consequences that come with failure to honor the court date or the conditions set by the court.

What are the roles of a bondsman?

The key role of a bondsman is to ensure the defendant honors court dates and conditions. They may use force to ensure you obey the court’s directives.

Another role of a bondsman is to constantly remind you of your court dates, and advise you on the proceedings.

If you fail to appear in court for flimsy reasons, the bail bondsman may use the following modes of excessive force to ensure that you comply with court directives:

  1. False imprisonment
  2. Property destruction
  3. Suspect apprehension

False imprisonment

The bounty hunter will use excessive force to force you to comply with court orders. They may break into your hiding place without any search warrant. You may endure a lot of suffering under the hands of bounty hunters if you choose to disobey court orders.

use of force bail

Property destruction

A bounty hunter may break into your home to haul you to court if you fail to honor the court dates. As they are making a forceful arrest, your valued home property may be extensively damaged. You may also suffer bodily harm in the process. A lot of property has been destroyed due to the excessive force used by bounty hunters.

The apprehension of the suspect

Although the law requires the state to authorize your apprehension by the bounty hunters, in most cases, you will be arrested without any authorization. Excessive force used by the bail bondsmen has led to a public outcry. There are also active campaigns by human rights activists seeking the abolishment of bail bonds. As a result, the courts have been forced to review the conduct of the bondmen.

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