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4 Things You Might Not Know About the Eighth Amendment

It is common to hear people talk about the First and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech while the Second Amendment has to do with the freedom to bear arms. However, the Eighth Amendment is equally important and there are a number of things one needs to know about it. It has everything to do with bail bonds to people who are incarcerated.

Here are 4 things you may not have known about the Eighth Amendment:

  1. Not everyone can be granted bail

The Eight Amendment exists to give all the incarcerated people the ability to collect money or collateral in order to be released. However, this does not mean that all people can be granted bail. An untrustworthy individual or one that is a flight risk may not be granted bail. The judge has the discretion to make this decision.

  1. Every judge has a different definition of ‘’excessive’’ bail

There are no amounts of bail that are designated as being excessive. Those charged with the responsibility of setting bail are the ones who interpret the law. As such, bail can range from 1$ to even $100,000 as was the case with Raj Rajaratnam.

  1. The society has had a change of views about cruel punishments

The Bill of Rights brought to an end cruel punishment such as floggings. These kinds of punishments were seen as being normal.  The modern society, however, views cruel punishments as unusual and that is why the Eighth Amendment has been reviewed several times. You may not be aware of this but it is the truth.

  1. Modern-day debates on the Eight Amendment

The existence of capital punishment has meant that debates about the Eight Amendment are common. The people who support capital punishment believe that it is not a cruel punishment and should be retained since there are painless methods of execution. The opponents proclaim that taking human life is cruel.

All in all, the best way to avoid getting into any trouble is keeping the laws. However, in the event that one gets arrested, they can be released on bond through a licensed bail bondsman.

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