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Bail Bond Conditions Before Court Date

After a defendant secures bail, they may be out on bond but under certain conditions set by the judge. Bail bond conditions are important to ensure that the defendant will show up in court and that they will also not interfere with the case while out on bond. A judge sets bail bond conditions depending on the case. 

But some of the common bail bond conditions include:

  • Living in a specific address
  • No drug or substance abuse
  • Restrictions on weapons possession or handling
  • Ability to pay bail
  • No -contact orders

Location restriction

A judge may release a defendant under the condition that the defendant lives within a certain location and surrenders their passport in case they are a flight risk. In some instances, the judge may also order that the defendant stays with the surety.

Abstinence from alcohol drugs and substance abuse

Such a condition will be set to ensure that you do not break the law while under the influence of a drug or any other substance.

Possessing weapons

Judges consider defendants risky especially, if they have weapons that may be used to intimidate victims and witnesses, and will require that you possess none till the case is over.

Financial ability

A judge will grant bail if you prove that you can pay the set bail amount. Most defendants turn to bail bond companies for surety and bond payments.

bail bond conditions

Bail condition of no-contact

The court considers the defendant a threat to the victims and witnesses of the case once they are out on bail. They may grant bail to defendants on condition that they do not contact victims of the alleged crime, or witnesses. Contacting them may lead to a breach of the bail conditions, and a warrant of arrest may be issued again.

Seeking professional legal help in understanding bail conditions will help you avoid breaching bail bond conditions which comes with consequences.

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