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Arrested While Enlisted Vs. Arrested As a Civilian

To all members of the armed forces, it’s expected that you should maintain a high degree of good conduct i.e. both professionally and personal conduct. If you get arrested while enlisted, the consequences or whatever that happen to you after your arrest is quite different compared to what befalls civilians once they get arrested. 

How arrest-while-enlisted differs from arrest as a civilian

Normally, military courts do have the set laws that are supposed to be used on them in case of involvement in any crime. These laws include the following.


  • Discount on Bail Bonds


If any member of the military gets arrested and requests for a bail bond, it’s expected that they can get a discount on it. These discounts from the bail bonds are used as a thank you act for their military services.


  • As military personnel, you may lose ranks


arrested while enlisted

As per the military laws, It’s stated that if any of the military members get imprisoned for up to a year, your rank is dropped down to private. If one gets sentenced to 30 days, but less than 1000 days, one or more of their pay grades may be reduced. Members can also be denied promotions because of crimes they committed while outside the armed forces.


  • Excommunication


Your arrest for serious misconduct might also lead to you being excommunicated from the armed forces. This means that you won’t be able to communicate with anyone for the armed forces.


  • Postponing your court appearances


Due to military commitments, you may not be able to attend your court dates. However, you are supposed to get court delays from the military services to show that you won’t be able to appear in court due to military service matters.


  • You may lose your Security clearance


Usually, security is a very serious matter in the military. And so, when you get yourself involved in any criminal, they will draw out any clearance of somebody they believe and consider is a potential risk. Criminal activities attracting these penalties include drug and alcohol abuse and other related crimes. Always content your bail bondsman for you to be released.

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