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What to do if you get pulled over

Sometimes you will be stopped by the police and this means that you have to pull over to a safe area. Every time the police stop you for any reason, always do two things:

  1. Pull over your vehicle to a safe area
  2. Do not say or do anything that could suggest to the officer that you are a threat

There are many other things that you should do when you are stopped and asked to pull over. These are things such as:

  1. Turning on the flashers to acknowledge the police officer
  2. Stopping the car at a safe place
  3. Staying in the car after you have pulled over
  4. Turn off your car engine
  5. Remain calm during the whole period
  6. Keep your hands on the steering wheel
  7. Keep your answers short and do not admit any wrongdoing
  8. Be polite and respectful during the whole process

The above are some of the main things you can do to show that you are cooperative with the law enforcers during the period you get pulled over. Staying calm is a good show of maturity and professionalism in the manner of interaction with the police officers.

If you will drive a distance before you can find a safe area to pull over, it is advisable that you should turn on flashers to acknowledge the officer and that you intend to pull over. You should stay in the car until the officer comes or advises that you get out. This is also a sign that you are not aggressive.

Another important thing to do is turn off the engine. Roll down the car windows. You could turn on your dome lights in case it is dark outside. Be calm and keep your answers short during the procedure. Always be civil as this could work positively for your benefit.

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