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What happens when you get booked?

After being arrested, the police must record the suspect’s information. Some of the information you must give include your name, date of birth and other information they may need. You may be required to provide an identification card after an arrest. when you get booked, this is what happens;

  1. Fingerprints taking
  2. Pat searches
  3. Magistrate duties
  4. Health care reexamination
  5. Holding cells and arraignment


Fingerprints and a photograph are taken and forwarded to the crime information centers to check their data basis for the criminal history of the suspect. The authorities will also check for any other important information regarding the suspect.

Pat searches

Before they send one to the holding cells, the police officer will search the suspect to ensure that he does not have any weapons, or illegal stuff when entering the cells. Personal items including cell phones, jewelry, and keys will be taken but they will return them to the suspect when discharging him.

Magistrate duties

The police will take the suspect to the magistrate for the review of the complaints. The magistrate then issues a warrant of arrest, summons the suspect, and also issues bonds. The magistrate will also sit in bond hearings and set the bond amount.

Examining and treating the suspect

Before the police book a suspect, they will do a thorough medical examination. In case you have any health issues, you will undergo treatment before entering the cells.

Arraignment, classification, and holding cells

Cells are classified to ensure that suspects sharing the same cells can cope. If you are intoxicated, mentally ill, or suicidal, there are special rooms. A holding cell will accommodate the suspect if they don’t get bail. They will be arraigned in court on weekdays to answer charges before at least twelve hours, but not more than twenty-four hours depending on when the police arrest them. They should then be presented in court and charged.

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