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Types of bail bonds

There are several types of bail bonds that you need to be aware of just in case you may fall in a situation that warrants that you get bail for yourself or friends and relatives. Some of the bail bonds are quite common and well known

while others are not.

Here are some of the most common bail bonds:

  1. Citation Release
  2. Personal recognizance release bail bond
  3. Cash bond
  4. Surety bond

Here are the less common types of bail bonds:

  1. Property bonds
  2. Immigration bail bonds
  3. Federal bail bonds

A citation release is issued by the arresting officer at their discretion. Minor offenses such as traffic violations can have the police officer give the defendant a citation to appear in court on a certain date.

Personal recognizance is given at the discretion of the arresting officer and a defendant signs paperwork and agrees to appear in court for their hearings.

Cash bond bails mean that a defendant has to be released when they make cash payments. The corrections departments will not accept credit cards and therefore, one has to organize and make huge cash payments quickly to be released.

Surety Bonds are used when one does not have enough money to bail themselves out. Here, one pays 10% to the bondsman as a fee and have the bondsman cover the rest of the bail. You have to commit in writing to appear for your hearings.

Property Bonds are less common and may not be accepted in all States. Your property becomes the collateral to have you released. Real estate is commonly used for this purpose.

Immigration Bail Bonds are used specifically for undocumented immigrants. These forms of bonds are quite difficult to obtain and differ based on the legal status of the immigrant.

Federal Bail Bonds are used in the case of defendants who have been charged with a federal type of crime.

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