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Things to avoid while bailed or bonded out of jail

Once you are out on bail or bond, you should abide by the court rules because if you fail to do so, the court may revoke the bail. You should, therefore, avoid the following while bailed or bonded out of jail;


  1. Violating bail conditions
  2. Failing to show up in court
  3. Committing another crime

Bail conditions violation


The judge may issue some rules that you must follow when giving bail. The judge should give reasonable rules and restrictions that do not interfere with the defendant’s rights. Doing so makes the requirements invalid, and the defendant is not liable in case he violates any of them. Some of the common bail requirements for minor crimes include living in the specified address without taking flights, house arrest rules, and no communication to victims of your crime, or the complainant. The bail conditions differ from one case to another.


Failing to show up in court


If you fail to appear in court, you will forfeit your bond, and another warrant of arrest may be issued. It makes it harder for you to secure bail again. Failure to show up in court may also lead to a new criminal charge. In case you had a genuine reason for missing a court date, it is good to seek legal guidance from a professional attorney so that they can reschedule another date.


Committing another crime


You should avoid committing any other crime and stick to the best behavior after your release. If you commit any other crime, you may be arrested and put to jail even before conviction. In most minor crimes, a judge may decide to give a warning. Other consequences of committing a crime while on bond include forfeiture of the bond, additional bail conditions and bail revocation.


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