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Key Tips to Avoid Bail Bond Scam

Getting a bail bond is one of the fastest ways for you to get out of jail once arrested. An arrest can be such an unpleasant experience that may impair your critical judgment. And when you are desperate to get out, you tend to be more susceptible to fraud. If a lot of caution is not exercised, both you and your family and friends may easily fall victim of bail bond scam.

Some opportunistic bail bond companies are not legitimate bond providers. They only want to make quick bucks out of your misery. Use the following tips to determine the legitimacy of the bail bond company you are dealing with:

Big discount

A legitimate bail bond company charges fixed fees as set by the law for their services. If the company offering you a bail bond service is so generous to provide you with a huge discount, then you have reason to be alarmed. Chances are high that it is a fraudulent company.

Active solicitation

A bail bond company that engages in active-solicitation of clients should raise your suspicion. Most legitimate bail bond companies serve specific markets. They also address the particular needs of their clients. Legitimate companies may advertise their services, but they don’t engage in the active solicitation of clients.

Lack of operating license

A legitimate bail bond company must be appropriately licensed to do their business. The operating permit should be displayed clearly for the clients to see. If the bail bond company you are dealing with has no permit, then chances are you are about to be scammed.

bail bond scam

The demand for payment before services are availed

Bail bond companies charge various fees for their services. However, a legitimate one will demand to pay only after all paperwork has been dealt with. A scammer will ask for upfront pay even before they present papers proofing their legitimacy.

Finally, use the tips provided to determine if the bail bond company you are dealing with is legitimate or not. Do thorough research to avoid loss of your hard-earned money.

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